what is tp invoicing?

It's a simple, paperless and convinient way of securely managing your invoices, quotations, clients, services or products at affordable rates. With an intuitive easy to use mobile friendly user interface that is user-centered, you will get the hang of it in no time.

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how it works?

  • Step 1
    Register and activate your account
  • Step 2
    Add your clients
  • Step 3
    Add and price your products or services
  • Step 4
    Create your invoice or quotation
  • Step 5
    Send the invoice via email, download or print it


add clients

You can add clients which will appear as a list when creating an invoice.

add items

Add your products and services as well as price for each product or service.

create invoice or quotation

You can create both invoices and quotations and add the recipient as well as products or services to your invoice or quotation.

record payments

You can easily keep record of all the payments made to a specific invoice, doing away with the headache of paperwork.

give discounts

You have the option of offering discounts to your loyal customers, and discounts can be in both amount or percentage.

add VAT or taxes

If you have a VAT number, you have an option of including VAT to your products or services.

monthly reports

With reports, you get to track both your monthly invoices and quotations, recorded payments and see which month your business performed well.


  • R 350 / Month
  • Invoices & Quotations
  • Unlimited Clients & Items
  • Add Discounts
  • Record Payments
  • VAT
  • Monthly Reports
  • Register

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